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Have you ever wondered about your purpose and life’s meaning? Wanted to manifest money faster? Or dissolve your invisible, limiting beliefs? Have you wondered if there’s alien life among us? What happens when we die? Who built the pyramids of Egypt? Since March 2020, Mike Dooley, New York Times bestselling author and creator of Notes from the Universe, has been hosting a LIVE daily Spiritual Tune-Up to answer these questions and hundreds more. Now you can listen to these fascinating recordings in weekly digest form on your favorite podcast platform.

Dec 28, 2021

In today’s episode, Mike shares the excitement and potential that lies within the practice of being… quiet! He shared this message with this Infinite Possibilities Members and is excited to now share it with you, along with a guided meditation focused on centering your power.

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Dec 23, 2021

In this podcast episode, recorded September 2020, Mike shares insights on how to be happy amidst suffering, marriage and monogamy, being raised Catholic and voting for reproductive rights, the top ten things dead people want to tell you, and the fastest way to grow.

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Dec 19, 2021

How and what to pray for others? The difference between subconscious and higher self? Worried about Planet Earth? When you win and others lose?

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Dec 16, 2021

Why are there so many spiritual contradictions? How do I visualize a positive future with jail time looming when I have two daughters? What is the difference between enlightenment and awakening? And the key to rebounding from anything!

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Dec 11, 2021

In this episode, Mike answers the question “can we be too picky?” and shares how to become untouchable, a trick to get rid of limiting beliefs, how inherited medical conditions fit into the law of attraction, and the problem with most dreams and goals.